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Why Edge Digital Recommends WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites For a very long time, Wordpress was always associated with basic blog sites. For a lot of web professionals, our first impression was one of underwhelming, it just wasn’t the best for making a high-quality website that you could really control....

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Elements

WHAT IS ON-PAGE SEO? On-page SEO (on-page search engine optimization) is just one part of website optimization. In this post we want to go into more detail about some of the smaller factors that influence on-page SEO  Some of the things involved in on-page Raleigh...

Social Media Giveaway May 2020

Social media is a way of communicating directly with your audience; a tool that businesses can use. Consistency is probably the hardest part for businesses when it comes to maintaining their social media presence. Our social media team has a process we follow each...

5 Lead Generation Techniques for Home Service Businesses

Social distancing may have slowed your business down but now is not the time to stop marketing. Homeowners are sitting at home looking around and thinking of what needs to get fixed, changed, or upgraded. Here are four lead generation techniques we use to help our...

Ideas for Small Business

During this unprecedented time, we have seen some of our client’s businesses struggle with a lack of foot traffic, events canceled, and people not spending money out of fear and panic. Some businesses have shut down while others change to “by appointment only”. Let’s...

Website Development

Your website is more than a digital brochure


Your company’s website is a digital asset that reflects who your business is and the value you deliver to customers.


We build responsive WordPress websites.

Busy people on-the-go need access to information at the tip of their fingers. Responsive websites adapt your website content to all screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices.

#EDGEdigital // Our Website Design Process


Who are your target audiences and competitors, and what assets do you have for your website? How do you want the website to look? What keywords should your website rank for? We will meet to discuss your vision for the website and how we can make that happen.


A sitemap is a layout of all the pages within a website. Our SEO expert will work with you to layout the content of the site to maximize online visibility. Edge Digital designs the pages, installs and programs the plug-ins, and manipulates the site to bring forth your vision.


This is where the content and design become your new website. Our website developer will work with you to collaborate on improvements over multiple revision rounds.


Once you have approved the final website version, Edge Digital will move the temp site onto your server – making the site “live”. We test the live site and provide your staff with a tutorial on how to navigate the backend.

Are you ready for your website to work hard for you?

Most companies refresh their website every 2-3 years.
If your website needs a boost, schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your website project.


How long before my new website is live?

This will depend on the scope of the project, the number of pages needed to be created, and requested features. The average website can take two to three months from start to finish.

Will I be able to preview how the site will display on desktop, mobile, and tablet?

Yes. Edge Digital uses a temporary website hosted on our server while in development. You will be given the URL which will allow you to view the site while under construction on all three platforms.

How will you work with us on content for the site?

Typically, we create a file-sharing folder for access to your assets and meet with your team to build the basic site structure. Once the sitemap is laid out, your team can upload content into the shared folder as it’s written. If you need help with writing or editing content, let us know. We can help.

How much of my time is required during this process?

The best results come from collaboration. We partner with clients to share ideas and milestones throughout the process. Edge Digital leads the process with weekly calls to make sure we stay on schedule and meet our deadlines.

Ready to get your new website started?