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Ideas for Small Business

During this unprecedented time, we have seen some of our client’s businesses struggle with a lack of foot traffic, events canceled, and people not spending money out of fear and panic. Some businesses have shut down while others change to “by appointment only”. Let’s...

Entrepreneurs Merge Services to Create a Powerhouse Digital Marketing Agency

Edge Digital Inc., a new digital marketing agency in Raleigh, N.C., was launched by founders Eric Erickson and Kim Adamof in November 2019. The move brings together two successful entrepreneurs into one powerhouse agency expanding services to help brands accelerate...

17 Digital Strategies to Add to Your 2020 Marketing Plan

A challenge for businesses is developing and maintaining a good marketing plan that will lead to sustainable business growth during the year. As we move into a new decade and technology plays a larger role in every facet of our lives, there are more marketing strategy...

Marketing Strategy: Voice Search

When Siri first showed up in 2011, it was a novelty, something fun to play around with. But voice assistants have changed a lot since then.  With a variety of voice-activated technologies, such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, people are becoming familiar with...

Marketing Strategy: Personalization

Personalization is a marketing strategy by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers. Personalization is the key ingredient to enhance the user experience....

marketingDigital Marketing Agency Raleigh

Edge Digital takes all your businesses goals, challenges, and needs with the utmost seriousness, and we work hard to craft digital solutions that will drive greater revenue directly to your company, all done in-house by us. Digital marketing is a really extensive sector, at Edge Digital we do our best to provide as broad of a selection of services as we can, so we can deliver the best overall results to our customers. If you genuinely want to increase your business, it is so important that you use digital marketing correctly. We are going to go more in-depth into these individual variables so you can find a clearer idea of just what and how much we do for you. It’s tough to comprehend the true effect of a excellent digital marketing and advertising plan for your company unless you have experienced it firsthand and noticed the results it has.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Our seasoned digital growth and expert web professionals can help direct your digital choices and steer your company towards the best chances of success. Before you allow yourself spend a single penny on advertisements or create a single social media article, you want to get a comprehensive marking strategy intended. Edge Digital’s marketing specialist work with you to develop an effective strategy, implement that plan as easily as we could, and receive reports to you that you can actually look at and understand. It actually pains us to find a company just blindly throw money into arbitrary advertising procedures and trusting one works, that is a terrific way to waste all your money for no return. Learn more about our strategy & planning services here.

Social Media

Social networking is just growing in popularity as time continues, meaning it is a powerful tool for your electronic advertising toolbag in case you don’t have it, not taking advantage of it only means you are missing out on potential new customers rather than linking with existing ones. When you’ve Edge working in your social networking plan, you may rest assured we are covering every little component that we can. By finding the best platforms for you to post to figuring out what sort of posts will find the most response to figuring out the best time for articles to go out, we will do everything we can to give you the advantage over the competition. The goal here would be to let us manage your social networking management and increase your traffic and earnings as time continues, so you can concentrate on the important things like running your company. Learn more about our social media services here.

Free eBook: 25 Traffic Hacks to Double Your Website Traffic in 2020

If you’re ready for a professional agency like Edge Digital to take over your Digital Marketing, please contact us! Not right in the Raleigh, NC area? Check out our Charlotte, NC service area page if that’s closer for you!

website designWeb Design

Your site is more than a flyer for your small business, it’s a massive digital advantage that directly reflects who you are as a company and the value you can provide your customers. We focus on building entirely responsive WordPress websites. Folks are pretty busy nowadays, they have to have the ability to find the information they’re looking for very fast or they simply won’t take some time. Nothing is worse than trying to pull up a site on your phone merely to need to zoom in and fight to navigate it — that is a fantastic way to get visitors to leave your website instantly. Do yourself a favor and do not miss out on customers for no great reason, let’s make sure your website is mobile optimized. Learn more about website development here.

Search Engine Optimization

Of all the digital marketing tools available now, SEO is still definitely among the most powerful on the market, if you are not doing SEO in combination with the remainder of your internet efforts, you are only hurting your company. The greater your site may rank organically for your target keywords, the more quality visitors your site will receive. Learn more about our SEO services here.

seoLocal Search Engine Optimization

The major goal with neighborhood search engine optimization is getting your site ranking and found for all those products or services that you might be offering locally. With local SEO some tiny aspects may change between companies, but most things remain consistent no matter your city, town, or state. Google works hard to connect people to local businesses, if you are coming up in the first few results for your target key words you should see some terrific organic traffic coming directly to your site. Good regional positions can truly drive a company, getting sustainable organic results is such a powerful tool for your company.

Email Marketing

Email advertising is your opportunity to use the world wide web to leverage most earnings from present and prospective customers alike. A correctly executed email campaign provides you the ability to remain in contact with and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with existing clients. Email marketing is so powerful if done correctly, it is a terrific way of driving traffic to your site, advertising new services and products, and only growing sales with one of the simplest and most affordable types of marketing. Edge Digital can help you implement an email strategy to catch opt-in mails to use for lead generation and follow up with these new prospects to get them coming back to your site. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Video Marketing

To successfully marketing a company, you are going to need a good deal of content to use. Including video on your content strategy provides you some seriously valuable resources to utilize on social networking, on your site, and on your blog articles. Video is far and away the best way to captivate and build trust with your audience, more so than any other kind of content. Anyone may be sitting behind a screen writing out blog posts, doing videos allows people form some sort of connection and see your brand, staff, and the services or products you might have. Video advertising has shown our customers fantastic effects before, they’re the ideal means to inform, educate, or entertain in the most efficacious manner. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Content Marketing

Edge Digital specializes in coming up with and really promoting content that is going to actually bring in people and tell them something about you. Any quality brand knows people do not buy things for no good reason, they only invest in goods or services when you give them a great reason to. People are constantly looking for answers to their problems, and ideally you want that to be you. We can help you be certain you’re getting the appropriate messages to your target market, thus giving you the best results and return. Learn more about our content marketing services here.

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