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Ideas for Small Business

During this unprecedented time, we have seen some of our client’s businesses struggle with a lack of foot traffic, events canceled, and people not spending money out of fear and panic. Some businesses have shut down while others change to “by appointment only”. Let’s...

Entrepreneurs Merge Services to Create a Powerhouse Digital Marketing Agency

Edge Digital Inc., a new digital marketing agency in Raleigh, N.C., was launched by founders Eric Erickson and Kim Adamof in November 2019. The move brings together two successful entrepreneurs into one powerhouse agency expanding services to help brands accelerate...

17 Digital Strategies to Add to Your 2020 Marketing Plan

A challenge for businesses is developing and maintaining a good marketing plan that will lead to sustainable business growth during the year. As we move into a new decade and technology plays a larger role in every facet of our lives, there are more marketing strategy...

Marketing Strategy: Voice Search

When Siri first showed up in 2011, it was a novelty, something fun to play around with. But voice assistants have changed a lot since then.  With a variety of voice-activated technologies, such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, people are becoming familiar with...

Marketing Strategy: Personalization

Personalization is a marketing strategy by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers. Personalization is the key ingredient to enhance the user experience....

marketingDigital Marketing Agency Durham

Edge Digital takes all of your businesses goals, challenges, and needs with the utmost seriousness, and we work hard to craft digital solutions that will drive greater revenue directly to your company, all done in-house by us. Digital marketing is a very broad sector, at Edge Digital we do our best to offer as wide of a selection of services as we can, so we can deliver the best overall results to our clients. If you truly want to increase your business, it’s so important that you utilize digital marketing correctly. Below we’re going to go more in depth with what all these various components and things are all about, so you can get a better idea of exactly how much we provide. It can be hard to genuinely understand the impact that a good digital marketing program can have on your company until you’ve experienced it first-hand and seen precisely how impactful it is.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Our seasoned digital growth and expert web professionals can help guide your electronic decisions and steer your company towards the greatest chances of success. Before you invest any money on ads or perform any social media posting, you will need to have a strategy in place that will best steer you towards your goals and objectives. Our advertising pros work directly with you to develop a plan, execute that plan perfectly, and provide you with plain English reports which you can understand. We don’t hate to see anything more than a business just throwing out money on random marketing tools with no plan or consistency, it is almost always just a waste of cash. Learn more about our strategy & planning services here.

Social Media

Social media is only becoming more prevalent with time, if your business isn’t busy on social media you’re just missing out on potential new customers rather than making connections with any present ones. When we come up with a social networking plan, we listen to every little detail that can help you and your business grow. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to a good social media strategy, from finding the best times to post to finding out what social media platforms get the best response for your company, we do all we can to give you the edge on your competition. We all know running a business isn’t simple and you need to have the ability to focus all your attention on large things without needing to worry about getting a Facebook post out for the day or something. That is why you need us managing all your social media, so we can drive traffic and increase your earnings over time, without you having to pull any of your focus from elsewhere. Learn more about our social media services here.

Free eBook: 25 Traffic Hacks to Double Your Website Traffic in 2020

If you’re ready for a professional agency like Edge Digital to take over your Digital Marketing, please contact us! Not right in the Durham, NC area? Check out our Chapel Hill, NC service area page if that’s closer for you!

website designWeb Design

Your website is more than a flyer for your business, it’s a massive digital asset that directly reflects who you are as a company and the value you can provide your customers. We specialize in building entirely responsive WordPress websites. If someone can not find the information they’re searching for, they’ll move on to another website which will give them the information they’re looking for fast. That is why we ensure all sites we make are able to match to all screen sizes and are completely optimized for mobile and tablet devices, so that you don’t miss out on a single potential customer. Do yourself a favor and do not miss out on customers for no good reason, let us make sure your site is mobile optimized. Learn more about website development here.

Search Engine Optimization

Of all the digital marketing tools available today, SEO is still certainly one of the most powerful out there, if you aren’t doing SEO in conjunction with the rest of your internet efforts, you are only hurting your company. You always need to rank as large as you can to your target keywords in the search engines, that alone can drive a huge amount of traffic straight to your site. Learn more about our SEO services here.

seoLocal Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization has one huge goal, getting your site ranking well and found for all those products or services that you offer in your region. Local SEO is pretty consistent irrespective of what city, town, or state you may be found in, techniques may differ somewhat but they are pretty consistent across the board. Googles big goal is to connect you with the best companies in the local area for what you desire, if you can secure one of those top results for your keywords in our area, you could see a great increase in organic traffic to your website. Good regional positions can truly drive a business, getting sustainable organic results is such a powerful tool for your company.

Email Marketing

Email marketing basically allows you to use the world wide web to leverage increased earnings from your existing customers and prospective clients alike. A fantastic email marketing campaign allows you to remain in contact with and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with current customers. Email advertising is the perfect means of advertising new services or products, driving traffic to your website, and boost sales with one of the simplest and most affordable types of advertising. Once you do have a new guide, we suggest following up with a series of sales copy emails specifically designed to get the reader to do it. Edge digital can implement an email strategy which will capture opt-in mails to use for lead generation and follow up with these new leads to push them back to your site and business. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Video Marketing

If you would like to promote your company successfully, you are going to need a good deal of content you can use. Having videos on your content marketing strategy gives you some super valuable assets to use on your blogs, social networking account, and on your own website. Video is easily among the most impactful ways to build trust with and captivate your audience, more so than any other kind of content. Anyone can type some words or write a fantastic blog post, but doing videos let us people see your brand, your staff, and your service or product. Video advertising has shown our customers fantastic results in the past, they’re the perfect way to inform, educate, or entertain in the most efficacious manner. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Content Marketing

Edge Digital specialized in coming up with and really promoting content that is going to actually attract people and tell them something about you. Good brands know that you have to give people a real good reason to invest in your products or services, people do not buy things for no reason. People are constantly looking for answers to their problems. We can help you ensure you are getting the right message in front of the correct people for the best results and return possible. Learn more about our content marketing services here.